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    Can I ask a question?

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    Can I ask a question? Empty Can I ask a question?

    Post  yorkiegirl on Wed Sep 16, 2009 4:51 pm

    Sorry if this offends, but can I ask who it is behind this site please? I am sure that you can appreciate that some (myself included) are a bit wary about 'new' things, especially where the safety of animals are concerned. One of my members asked this question to me when I put a link (I hope that was ok)on my rescue site, so I said I would ask the question. If I am out of order I do apologise in advance.

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    Can I ask a question? Empty Re: Can I ask a question?

    Post  Admin on Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:10 pm

    No I am not offended. I started this up as a means for rescues to hopefully place any dogs/cats on here in the hope that they may find new homes. I know that there are other forums like this, but after looking on a few felt the need to start up my own, one which everyone will be made welcome on. I do not intend at present to have others moderate this board. I will be doing this myself, that way there will be no 'cliques', no one being biased against anyone else. If I succeed to getting this board off the ground I may then be looking for help, but any decisions that are made will be fully discussed before any action is taken for what ever reason. Meanwhile I will be the only one.
    I am nothing to do with any other rescues boards. I have helped several rescues in the past, so have a little knowledge of how it all works.
    This board is intended to be a 'open & friendly' board, not one that makes some feel alienated if they do not agree with what is being said. We are all entitled to an opinion & just because some do not agree does not mean that they will be deleted/edited/unwelcome.
    Of course there are a few rules like no bad language, slander/libel/accusations towards others.
    If there are any problems I ask that they are pm'd or emailed & I will liase then with the complainant & see if their problems can be resolved off forum.
    I hope this has answered your question, if not please feel free to ask away.

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