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    Potential adoptors seeking a new companion. Please read first.


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    Potential adoptors seeking a new companion. Please read first.

    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:28 pm

    All potentials adoptors can post here what they are looking for.
    Please give as much information as possible i.e. if you have children, if you work, if you have cats etc.
    This will enable either rescues or private homings to see if they may have a dog that could be a match.
    If you are adopting from a rescue, do a bit of research about the rescue first, ask questions etc.
    If you receive a pm/email from a private homer again ask questions, meet the dog in question & above all please do not let your heart rule your head. With a private homer you will have NO rescue back up.
    If you are asked for money & it is not either going to the rescue or if a private homer no charity of their choice is nominated, please report to admin as we will NOT allow the selling of animals on this site for monetary gains.
    If cash is exchanged with a private homer always ask for a receipt naming the charity the private homer has nominated, that way you can check to see if the monies has gone to that charity.

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