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    Lost/Missing foster dog - Bella in ST4 area

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    Lost/Missing foster dog - Bella in ST4 area Empty Lost/Missing foster dog - Bella in ST4 area

    Post  yorkiegirl on Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:12 pm

    Dear all
    If there are any members in the ST4 area please keep an eye out for the following little girl.

    Bella is a foster dog (who was to be adopted by her foster mummy) who has today escaped along with Chilli Bean (who is now back home) from the foster carers car. This is totally out of character as she has not done this in the past.
    Here is what her foster mummy has sent me
    hi sue,

    thanks for putting bella being missing on your forum. i can't stop crying. she is such a delicate little lady, she will be so scared. she is still underweight too due to her fussy eating (athough she was getting a lot better) so will really feel the cold, the weather is horrible here tonight. it breaks my heart to think about it, i miss her so, so much.

    she went missing from stoke about 5pm. she was wearing a pink diamante collar and a red harness. she had ID discs on her collar and harness and is microchipped (a microchip disc is also on her collar). on her poster i said that she was underweight and that she had shorter hair on one ear due to her operation. her ID discs have my home number and my vets number on them.

    i will be contacting all local rescues and vets tomorrow when they are open(i've been able to do some tonight) and am getting posters printed off which i will laminate and put up tomorrow. i am contacting all my friends telling them to tell people they know too, and putting it on my facebook page and the pawprints website.

    what other places can i contact, places like animal search uk?

    i need her home,
    faye x

    Please can all members here who are in this area help? We need to get little Bella home as soon as possible. She really is one scared little girlie who IS NOT aggressive in any way.
    Lost/Missing foster dog - Bella in ST4 area Kittens009
    Petlog etc have been informed.
    Thank you so much. We need to get little Bella home safe & well.
    Thank you all

    07852 965163

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