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    Fion - 18 month old Lurcher who needs an understanding home

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    Fion - 18 month old Lurcher who needs an understanding home

    Post  Lurcher SOS on Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:38 pm

    Fion is a young lurcher girl who came from a put to sleep pound in Wales. Fion has been homed before but it didn't work out and she came back into rescue again.

    Fion is about 18 months old maximum. We do not know her background but it is possible that she was abused as a puppy as she will cower when shouted at or if she sees a hand being raised.

    Fion is currently in foster with 15 other dogs in my home at the moment. Fion is absolutely fine with all of these dogs.

    However, Fion does not like dogs that stick their faces into hers when out walking. If dogs approach her nicely then generally she is fine, it is only if they are "in her face" that she will growl. It is felt that this is mostly due to a of lack of socialization in her early months and also possibly having to defend herself whilst she was a stray. She is most likely growling out of fear.

    Fion adores people and is clean in the house and once she feels safe with another dog then she becomes playful and relaxed. She is non destructive and she adores playing. Fion will flourish in a home where her new owners would be prepared to work with her and make her realize that no dogs are going to hurt her.

    Initially Fion will need socialization classes and training and with time and patience she will overcome her fears, and become a wonderful well rounded companion for someone.

    Fion is Spayed, Fully Vaccinated and Chipped

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